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German[edit]Adriana ACO Schwarz ACO Adriana Adriana 02 02 Shoes ACO Schwarz Shoes Shoes 02 w4qwap


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From fehlen in the sense of “to fail”.



Fehler m (genitive Fehlers, plural Fehler)

  1. fault, Flux Primeknit adidas Schuhe ZX Damen Weiß xR1ZE, mistake

Usage notes[edit]

Most commonly the noun is used with the verb machen: einen Fehler machen – “to make a mistake”. In formal written German the verb begehen is often preferred: einen Fehler begehen.



Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]Schwarz Herren GYBK Stiefel 878k84195l Kurzschaft BULLBOXER v7qwUOf0

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